Valley Electronics AG

is a sister company to the German-based Valley Electronics GmbH, which has successfully marketed fertility monitors worldwide for more than 30 years. The Lady-Comp, Baby-Comp and Pearly are the 3 cycle monitors that have already made the lives of countless women around the world healthier and easier.

Daysy is the latest invention of the Valley Electronics family, this time coming from its Swiss subsidiary, home to Natalie Rechberg, company owner and daughter of the Lady-Comp "inventor" Dr. Hubertus Rechberg.
Natalie wanted more than to just follow in the footsteps of her father. With daysy and the Swiss and U.S. subsidiaries under her reign she is going completely her own way. "A company that creates products for women," she says, "must be women and, above all, family friendly.  Having my own company, I'd like to go a little further, and continue to set new standards for the entire industry."

With my best friend Jessie, who manages the American market and is also a mother herself, I have developed a corporate approach, in which none of our employees must give their child into daycare. With us, each of our employees can work from home and customers’ requests can be taken care of directly at the playground or even on horseback (Jessie is a horse-whisperer). We are all connected anytime, anywhere. A team of real Powerwomen!

Jessie and Natalie managed to design a completely family-friendly corporate structure, just as they had always wanted. A concept that is in complete contrast to today’s market economy, where "maximizing profits" is the eternal mantra.
Personal closeness and highest quality in service, as well as mutual respect and understanding are a top priority.

Only if you have employees, who are behind the products and are happy in their workplace, you are able to offer superior service. With us, every customer is taken care of personally! We have no call center commissioned to give canned responses, but my colleagues and I reply individually to every question. Yes, I also take care of customer service to retain the necessary proximity to what women need and want. We are all users of the fertility monitors so we draw on our own experience when answering queries. Our own experiences were the driving factors forcreating daysy with her app daysyView. We bascially created what we ourselves would want!

Another important criterion at the heart of all activities at Valley Electronics is the product quality. Here, only the best is good enough! All cycle monitors are manufactured exclusively in Germany and only the highest quality materials are used for this purpose, helping all VE computers to an exceptionally long life.

Our company concept is more than meets the eye. We do not want to move our production to places, where working conditions are non-transparent and thus inconsistent with our ethical principles. Using cheap and toxic plastic is also indiscussable. Therefore, there is more than one good reason to have our devices made in Germany on fair terms and with high quality materials.

Although you can already find our fertility monitors almost anywhere in the world, we still want to continue to put quality over quantity. Hence, we only ever grow as much as our internal corporate structure allows it. We are lucky that we are a small, manageable family. In the future, we always want to be there for our customers personally, and keep the "family feel" to it, externally as well as internally!

I simply want to offer a practical, simple alternative for women so that they can enjoy the most beautiful thing in the world safely, while having as much fun using the devices as we had creating them!