Clinical trial by the University of Erlangen proves safety of the fertility tracker Daysy

With the unique combination of a fertility tracker and app, Daysy offers women a 99.4% safety margin.

For us, women's health, self-determination and security is more than just a matter of heart. We want to help women understand their body and health in a self-determined and trusting way. That is why it is particularly important for us to have a device on the market that is easy and safe to use. This is precisely why we tested Daysy for safety and applicability in an independent clinical trial.

Study findings (Summary)

  • The study confirms that the additional use of the app improves the usability, understanding and correct handling of the cycle tracker.
  • The simple display of the individual cycle data leads women to engage more frequently and intensively with their cycle.
  • The findings of the current study show that the methodical Pearl Index has improved only slightly from 0.7 to 0.6, thereby confirming the safety of the fertility tracker and its integrated algorithm.
  • When the application safety is investigated, the Pearl Index improves by more than half from 3.8 to 1.3.

Conclusion of the study

In summary, the study confirms the hypothesis that the combination of a fertility tracker and its associated methodical safety and an app and its associated involvement of the user with her cycle lead to an overall higher application safety.  

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